Artist and humanitarian Zivko Popovski-Cvetin is Macedonia's candidate for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.
His nomination is a result of a decision reached by the committee for nominating Macedonian candidates for the Nobel Prize, formed by NGO Macedonian Center for Culture and Development (MCCD) and will be sent Wednesday to the Norwegian Nobel Committee, responsible for selecting the Nobel Peace Prize laureates.
MCCD representative Nelko Nelkovski told the press Wednesday that Popovski-Cvetin was nominated due his commitment as an artist, who creates and donates paintings with floral motives for over 30 years. Thus far, he has donated more than 30 thousand paintings to institutions and individuals, including heads of state and parliament, local and foreign artists and has organised many solo exhibits.
Popovski-Cvetinh said he accepted the nomination for this prestigious award with great pleasure. He was especially satisfied for the support he received from 200 institutions and individuals from Macedonia, former president Kiro Gligorov, several universities, ministries, Macedonian Orthodox Church and numerous public figures.
This year, MCCD for the first time promoted an organised approach in nominating Macedonian candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize.
Thus far, nominated candidates for the Noble Peace Prize from Macedonia were former president Kiro Gligorov, singer Esma Redzepova and writer Slavko Janevski.



















































Almost all largest ruling and opposition parties both from Macedonian and Albanian political block have chosen their candidates for the March presidential elections. After the announcement VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM picked their candidates - Gjorgje Ivanov and Ljubomir Frckoski, on Tuesday also Albanian political parties nominated their candidates for the president of the Republic of Macedonia.
DUI chosen Agron Buxhaku for its candidate and Professor Mirushe Hoxha will be DPA presidential candidate. Presidential candidature of New Democracy leader Imer Selmani managed to collect signatures. PDP will collect signatures for the party's founder Nevzat Halili.
Their presidential bids should be formally submitted to the State Election Commission by Feb. 15 at the latest. In order to be valid, the bids must be backed by at least 10.000 voters of 30 members of parliament.
Signatures are also being collected for Ljube Boskoski, Slagjana Taseva, Blagoja Markovski and other potential independent candidates, who have shown interest to vie for office.
The process of collecting signatures is under way and wraps up on Feb. 3. A presidential candidate must be a citizen of Macedonia, over 40 years of age and to have lived in the country for at least 10 years in the previous 15 years. The election campaign will start 20 days prior to the elections i.e. on March 3 and will end on March 21.
The new Macedonian president will be elected on March 22 by the majority of registered voters. A run-off will be scheduled 14 days later unless no presidential hopeful wins the required majority of votes. Under the new constitutional changes, the required turnout for successful presidential elections has been lowered to 40%.