Prose-poetry book "Private Worlds" by Liljana Dirjan, published by Independent Writers of Macedonia, is the Macedonian nominee for the international literary award Balkanika 2008.
The jury composed of Ferid Muhic, the President and Aleksandar Prokopiev and Loreta Jakovleva-Gjorgjieva, members, unanimously passed this decision.
- Discovering that prosaic and poetic notes by Dirjan are rhetoric of emotions without exception, severe letter of ultimative and painful confessions, renovation of personal through found co-speaker from different spheres of art, jury commission concluded that it is a book of mature author that fascinates, Jakovleva-Gjorgjieva said at the press conference announcing the decision that Dirjan is participating at the poetry festival in France and did not attend the press conference.
Out of the nine works for the award, five entered the close selection besides Dirjan’s book also the novels “Target” by Blaze Minevski, “Dragon’s Bride” by Vlada Urosevic and “In Between” by Irena Jordanova and collection of stories “Scribbling” by Rumena Buzarovska.
The selection of the best book in the Balkans and presentation of award will be held in Macedonia. Magor publishing house, which is the organiser of Balkanika in the country, announced that the event will take place in Skopje by the end of September and the beginning of October or the mid of November. For now only three nominees for Balkanika award are known: “Left Hand of Aphrodite” by Takis Teodoropoulos from Greece, “Angelos Novos” by Bequim Cehu from Albania and “Black Box” by Alek Popov from Bulgaria.

























The second Skopje bypass highway from Orizari to Saraj section at length of 11,8 kilometres will be put into operation Thursday.
PM Nikola Gruevski will attend the opening ceremony, his Cabinet told.
Entire length of the highway is 26,5 km with two lines, which passes under south slopes of Skopska Crna Gora and villages of Stajkovci, Smilkovcki, Brnjanci and Kuceviska Bara.
The complete bypass starts at the "Hipodrom" loop where it branches off from the Veles-Skopje highway, and its northern section ends near Orizari.
This western half starts North of Suto Orizari. Leading westwards, the route passes the Konjski Rid hill lying to the South and continues West crossing the Stenkovec loop (junction to Pristina), followed by the Lepenec River. Here, the road bends slightly northwards, running through the agricultural region of Gornopal, where it eventually curves to the South, passing the residential area of Vucidol. The route continues southwards winding through a hilly landscape. At Kondovo, it connects to the Skopje-Tetovo Highway.
The designed bypass will be a four-lane highway with a maximum vehicle speed of 120 km/h. The Skopje Bypass is part of Corridor VIII.
The Fund for National and Regional Roads of Macedonia (FNRR) is the investor of this project and is financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which granted a loan to Macedonia with 7-year grace period and 18 years repayment period. The value of the entire bypass is Euro 135 million.