The Macedonian Parliament adopted unanimously on Wednesday the decision on sending army medical team in the Afghanistan peacekeeping operation.
Four ARM members will be displayed in Kabul in the ISAF mission in early August. Minster of Defence Lazar Elenovski said it was standard rotation of the medical team, formed together with the Adriatic Group partners - Croatia and Albania.
Independent MP Esad Rahic and SDSM's Lazar Kitanovski urged the Defence Ministry to submit to the Parliament an overall report on the ARM troops' participation in foreign peacekeeping missions in the previous five years. Elenovski confirmed that such information will be drafted and submitted to the Parliament in due time.
Following the 15-minute recess, the MPs will resume the 55th parliament session dedicated to 2007 Budget's re-balance.


Filmmaker Milco Mancevski in an interview with The Voice of America - Macedonian language program - said he hoped that the editing process of his latest film "Shadows" will be completed in mid September. The distributor (the world renown production company "Bavaria Film") will decide where the world premiere will take place. Mancevski is completing the film editing at Goldcrest Post Production studio in New York.
- The films that I make are films for the people and not for the locations. I'm more than happy when the story also functions if it were shoot somewhere else. Usually I hear comments of those who have seen "Before the Rain" - this story could have taken place in my home country Kashmir or somewhere else in the Middle East, said Mancevski when asked whether he was still inspired by Macedonia.
Speaking about his latest film, Mancevski said "Shadows" was a story that could be put in only one sentence. - It's a modern film, taking place in the modern world i.e. how we, as people, are treating our community, our ancestors, the un-born, our moral obligations, stated Mancevski.

























Republic of Macedonia has implemented majority of commitments from the Stabilization and Association Agreement, assessed participants at Tuesday's fourth meeting of the Stabilization and Association Council between the Republic of Macedonia and EU.
The Council welcomes Macedonia's strong commitment for progress in reforms with the goal of meeting conditions for sooner beginning of accession talks, read the meeting conclusions, presented by Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki and State Secretary for European Affairs of the Portugal EU Presidency Manuel Lobo Antunes.
"EU salutes the restored political dialogue and Government's commitment in providing support from all political subjects in enhancement of the European agenda", said Antunes, underlining that stable and functional democratic institutions are the core of political criteria.
The Council also saluted Macedonia's progress in several areas, such as reforms in public administration, regional cooperation and good neighborly relations.
Welcoming the agreements for visa facilitation and readmission, the Council underscored the possibilities for their sooner entering into force.
Pertaining to economic criteria, the Council saluted the progress in improvement of the business-investment climate, continuation of the macroeconomic stability and fiscal discipline, as well as progress in the sectors of customs, transport, internal market and competition in the telecommunications sector.
In regard to judicial reforms, the Council called on resumption of efforts for their full implementation, as well as adoption of other laws related to the Public Prosecutor's Office. The Council welcomed the progress in the preparations for entering into force of the Law on Police, emphasizing the importance of dialogue between the ruling and opposition parties in securing the implementation.
Moreover, EU salutes the political will demonstrated in the combat against corruption and the latest results achieved in this field, stressing that the real effect in the fight against this phenomenon would be visible only through continuation and efficient implementation of adopted measures and permanent political commitment.
Regarding the region of Western Balkans, EU welcomed Macedonia's active participation in the new reforms of SEE regional cooperation. Antunes said that EU welcomed the permanent support that Macedonia provides to the international community in the resolution of Kosovo's status, along with the country's participation in mission ALTHEA in Bosnia & Herzegovina.
The only Council remark refers to the high unemployment rate, urging the Government to strengthen measures for enhancement of the labor market and continuation of structural reforms that are required for positive economic effects.
FM Milososki stated that the European Commission noted Macedonia's progress, which was supported by Deputy Director-General of Enlargement Directorate Jan Truszczynski, saying that EU objectively assessed the country's progress, adding the importance of continual success in the reform processes.
The Council meeting was presided by Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki, who was accompanied by Vice Premiers Imer Aliu and Zoran Stavreski, along with Ministers of Interior and Justice Gordana Jankuloska and Mihajlo Manevski, as well as EU Ambassador to Macedonia Erwan Fouere.
The EU delegation was comprised of State Secretary for European Affairs of the Portugal EU Presidency Manuel Lobo Antunes, Slovenian FM Dimitrij Rupel and officials of members states, Council of the European Union and the European Commission.