The commissars of justice and of expansion, Franko Fratini and Oli Rhen, have announced that the negotiations for relief of the visa regime with the countries of the EU will begin on 30th of November. Simultaneously thay received a mandate by the chiefs of the European diplomacies for the beginning of the procedure. The first Novembers round of negotiation will be held with the all Balkans countries that have a visa regime with the EU: Albania, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. Brussels received a permission of no more expensive visas for the Balkan. Except that, for some categories of citizens the procedures will be more simple and the number of the required documents for issuing a visa will be easier to receive a multi entry visa, for longer period. Some visas could be free of charge.


The Slovenian company HSK from Ljubljana instigated an appeal against Macedonia and seeks damage from the 10th millions of euros because the ministry of economy took the concession for excavation of a marble in the region of the village of Vitolishte near Prilep without court verdict. The appeal has been also sent against Tajib Muratovic, an owner of the company Euro granite, who has participated in the reselling of the concession of a Greek firm. They are wondering how is possible the same concession that was taken out of a legal procedure and for which a trial is in progress, the ministry of economy has given to Tajib Muratovic again.


The Macedonian emigrant in Australia, Sotir Mitrev, to the public known by his humanitarian activities is continuing with his humanitarian work. After a recent delivery of a large humanitarian help for the hospital in Bitola, this tdays in this city a new package has arrived. According to Mitrev, he has donated 35 sacks of flour, 15 sacks of bean, as much as rice and 10 sucks of sugar to the Home for old persons in Bitola. The package was personally received by the mayor of Bitola, Vladimir Talevski. The Macedonian humanist Sotir Mitrev is preparing a new package of food that will be intended for the national kitchens that are functioning in the frames of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.


With laying of fresh flowers in front of the Monument of the liberator near the Government building 62 years have been marked from the liberation of Skopje. Fighters that participated in the liberation of the capital city, as well as the mayor of Skopje, Trifun Kostovski, the president Branko Crvenkovski, mayors from few municipalities of Skopje have bowed in front of the monument.


Avto Kuka continues with the promoted activities in which persons are included, who leave strong impression in the public life in the country. So, from the 6th of November a new campaign for promotion of the new Opel Corsa has been presented in collaboration with M2 production and Elena Risteska, who became a brand name. According to the agreement, the young singer will be an owner of a brand new Opel Corska 1.2 Sport. In the past period Opel intensively works on modification and improving of its image, in harmony t-with the modern life trends. The dynamism, youth spirit and the creativity are the basic characteristics that are carrying the new automobiles from this kind of a brand.

























The European Commission (EC)welcomes the reforms Macedonia has realized last year, recommending to the Government to step up its efforts in transforming the judiciary, police and anti-corruption measures, reads the EC report on the country's progress, released Wednesday.
- Macedonia is well on the way to satisfy the political criteria. It has pursued political reforms in 2006, although at a slower pace. To some extent, this is due to formation of a new government, reads the EC report on the country's progress, released Wednesday.
Parliamentary elections were generally conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner and largely in accordance with international standards.
However, there were significant irregularities on the election day - ballot stuffing, family voting, intimidation and other types of fraud. Vote participation was low - at 56%., which require for the citizens' trust to be further strengthened. Strong political will commitment will be needed to ensure higher standards at the new elections due in 2009, the report says.
- The increased tensions between the majority and the opposition, especially with DUI-PDP, needs to be addressed. It will be essential for the government to seek consensus on a number of critical reforms, due to the specificities of the country's political model, and in the interest of political stability. The opposition will need to assume its role fully and constructively, which will be important in areas linked to the reforms undertaken to implement the Ohrid Framework Agreement.
EC considers that reforms in the organization of the public administration are taking place progressively and aim to improve management and increase transparency. However, implementing the administration and police reforms remains serious challenge.
Referring to the judicial system, the report notifies that the constitutional and legal framework for an independent and efficient judiciary is largely in place. However, most of the reforms in the judiciary have not yet entered into force. There are important challenges in his field, which require a sustained reform program.
Some progress has been made in strengthening the legal and institutional framework for fighting corruption. However, corruption remains widespread. Many allegations of corruption have yet to be investigated. Strong political will is required to step up efforts to combat corruption effectively, the report says.
It has also registered no major violation of civil and political rights, recommending more efforts for improving the legal framework and enhancing effective implementation of those rights.