The world famous Macedonian, successful businessman in USA, as well as investor and donator in Macedonia, Mr. Gjorgija –George Atanasasoski, marked the placing of the bust of Alexander the Macedonian today in Prilep. Namely, Mr. Atanasoski financed the creation of the bust, work of Zarko Basheski, with a purpose to pay on respect to the biggest Macedonian, whose glory of his country passed it all over the world. Actually, Macedonia was one of the rear countries where there was no mark for Alexander, so far. Maybe this monumental work will became our cognizable sign for the people that once were led in expedition by the great Alexander, with one purpose, to unite the peoples. Thanks to Mr. Atanasoski now our country has the symbol of its national identity, to remind of the unforgettable of the Macedonian aim.

The US Government will freeze all communications with that Albanian party in Macedonia, which with force and stolen votes will try to legitimate in front of the public, with a purpose to be in the future Macedonian Government. This warning the US ambassador, Gillian Milovanovic, passed it to the leaders of the ethnic Albanians last week after the escalation of the election violence in the environments where Albanians live. The ambassador Milovanovic very clearly and unequivocally let the leaders of DUI and of DPA to know that US will put the Albanian ministers under embargo, who in the future Government will present the Albanian party, for which they will have information that authority was put on by force.


In the city of Ngus after whole six decades a historical meeting of the Macedonian who were outcast from Greece in the period of the Civil war, has happened. From the total 28.000 outcast Macedonians that were collaborating with the communistic movement in Greece, only 3.000 have returned with the Law from 1982 that predicted entry only for those who felt like Greeks. So far, there was neither mark for the 12.000 Macedonian casualties, who from 12th of February 1949 are resting in the vicinity of Lerin. 12.000 Macedonians are buried in Lerin in the yard of church “St. Gjorgi”. So far, there wasn’t any mark, and from religious reasons it was not allowed anybody to build. This year for the first time the communistic movement placed remembrance-board.


The party OMO “Ilinden” PIRIN that fights for the protection of the rights of the Macedonian minority in Bulgaria has been renewed in the city of Goce Delcev. 500 delegates from Sandansi, Petric, Blagoevgrad, Bansko and other small places in Bulgaria, attended the constitutional assembly. The initiative board has announced that the board pretends the new party OMO “Ilinden” Pirin to be “a party of the ethnical Macedonians” in Bulgaria. They call the Macedonian patriots and activists from all Macedonian organizations to involve and to give their contribution in the preparation for registration, with “appeal for re-registration of OMO “Ilinden” PIRIN.


An initiative for introduction of a teaching on Macedonian language and literature at the cathedra for Slavic teaching in the University in Bari, Italy, was led by d-r Maxim Karanfilovski at the International seminar for the translation, held at the beginning of June in this Italian city. The university in Bari is interested for having this kind of teaching. The native public was interested for the translations of the Italian authors on Macedonian. A special interest was for the translation of the Italian classic, beginning from Prlicev’s translation of “The angry Orlando” by Ariosto that dates form the second half of XIX century, to the edition of “Great comedy” by Dante Aligeri, published on Macedonian translated by Stardelov.


The megalith observatory Kokino was visited by representative of the Internet searcher engine Yahoo and by BBC. In the frames of the mutual project “Exploring Macedonia”, after the visit of some other locations in the country, they took photos and they shoot the observatory.
“There is interest Kokino to be on Yahoo and on the tourist web page on BBC, who have 4.5 million visitors. The advertisement will be one month and will be free. That will mean a lot for affirmation of the locality”, Jovica Stankovski, says, from the Museum of Kumanovo.

KIBS became the first publisher of certificates for electronic signature, with which and the implementation of Law for information in electronic form and electronic signature has officially began. KIBS will publish three kinds of certificates intended for physical and legal persons. The price of the certificates is between 1.100 and 11.000 denars, and the procedure of issuing is three days. The minister of finance, Nikola Popovski, to the second general director of KIBS, Stevce Stefanovski, handed over the resolution for enrolment in the only Register of publishers.

The business connecting with the sector for recycling is the new project of the International financial corporation, supported by the Austrian government that will be implemented in Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Montenegro. The three year program is with budget of 3.3 million US dollars on regional level, and the biggest part of the funds is donated by the federal ministry of finance of the republic of Austria. For Macedonia are predicted 550.000 US dollars.
“Maksteel” and “Komuna” are the first companies that have connected to the project, which enables technical help for individuals that are collecting dump, as well as for the companies that reproduce it. The project will have positive economic, social and effects to the life environment in the society.

As rounding of the Balkan tour and ten years of musical career, our mega star Toshe Proeski on 16th of June, on the City Stadium in Skoje, held an unforgettable and spectacular concert. A producer was Dejan Milicevic, who took care for the attractive beginning of the solo show by Proeski. A special guest of the evening was the ethno musician Bilja Krstic from Belgrade, who together with Toshe fulfilled the anthology “Jovano Jovanke”. This duet was used as an announcement of the new ethno album by Toshe Proeski, who expects to be on sale soon. “Final cut” and “Award production took care for the illumination, the sound and the scene.

In an organization by the Academic cultural-art association “Mirce Acev” every year an International student folklore festival is being held in the beginning of July
(3-8 July). The last 15 years this festival has been held continuously every year, otherwise it dates from 1967, beginning as Festival of solidarity over which the students of the Skpje’s university wanted to thank to all countries that involved in the construction of our city after the catastrophic earthquake in 1963. The festival begins on 4th of July with defile in the centre of Skopje, on the square Macedonia will be national dances of all participants, and officially starts at the plateau near Stone Bridge with appearance of the participants. This year the festival will be opened by the mayor of Skopje, Mr. Trifun Kostovski. On 6th of july a concert in the municipality of Karpos will be held near the river Lepenec, and on 7th of July will finished with a ceremony concert in the Army Institution in Skopje.
Ensembles from Macedonia, Lithuania, Turkey, Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria and Israel will participate at the 27th MSFF this year.





















VMRO-DPMNE and its partners from the Coalition For Better Macedonia won the parliamentary elections, said Wednesday evening party leader Nikola Gruevski.
"The citizens showed maturity, brought wise and brave decision in a right moment. We must work fast to accomplish the procedures necessary for forming a new Government. The citizens' confidence for me and my associates is a great responsibility. VMRO-DPMNE will form a Government of all citizens of Republic of Macedonia that will be oriented to raising of living standard," Gruevski said.
He said that the elections were relatively peaceful and fair and that was a credit of all parties and all citizens. "It is a prerequisite Macedonia to hope for faster progress towards the European Union that will be a priority of the future Government. The fight for economic progress, the fight against corruption and poverty will be also our priorities," Gruevski said.
"There is no success over night, we are not promising miracles and impossible things. We are promising hard work, commitment, honesty and responsibility. We will be the most responsible Government in the past 15 years," Gruevski said.
The leader of SDSM and Coalition For Macedonia Together, Vlado Buckovski, said that the opposition led by Nikola Gruevski, won the biggest support from the citizens.
"Republic of Macedonia won today. Since the beginning of the campaign we said that we would be satisfied if we had fair and democratic elections, if we pass this European test. The success is that we had exceptionally good elections, the best organized so far," Buckovski said, addressing the citizens.
He informed that he congratulated Gruevski in a phone conversation and told him to form a Government as soon as possible. "Macedonia must use the last quarter of the year to continue with the reforms and to approach the EU and NATO.
The State Election Commission (SEC) at the last press conference one hour after midnight announced the initial results for almost 60 percent of the polling stations of all Electoral Districts (ED).
First ED: VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition "For better Macedonia" - 21,155; SDSM-led coalition "Together for Macedonia" - 14,050; NSDP - 5,195; VMRO-NP - 2,985; DUI/PDP - 10,486; DPA - 7,665 votes, DOM 2,579...
Second ED: VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition "For better Macedonia" - 5.664 votes, SDSM-led coalition "For Macedonia Together" - 4.306, VMRO-NP 1.245, DUI 6.893, DPA 4.238, NSDP 1.661, DOM 472 votes...
Third ED: VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition "For better Macedonia" - 18.183, SDSM-led coalition "For Macedonia Together" - 11.252, VMR-NP 2.943, DUI 779, DPA 115, NSDP 2837, DOM 51 votes...
Fourth ED: VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition "For better Macedonia" -27.133 votes, SDSM-led coalition "For Macedonia Together" - 20.072, VMRO-NP 3.928, NSDP 2.226, DOM 827...
Fifth ED: VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition "For better Macedonia" - 15.119, SDSM-led coalition "For Macedonia Together" - 10.086, VMRO-NP 3.919, DUI 5.300, DPA 2.544, NSDP 1.986, DOM 395 votes...
Sixth ED: VMRO-DPMNE-led coalition "For better Macedonia" - 1.564, SDSM-led coalition "For Macedonia Together" - 2.450, VMRO-NP 547, DUI 15.374, DPA 8.140, NSDP 545 votes...