According to the Ministry of agriculture, still there is no bird flu in Macedonia. At part of the tested wild and domestic birds in Macedonia an atypical plague or pipka was found for now, which has similar symptoms as the bird flu but it’s not dangerous for the people.
Bird flu has been discovered in the neighbor countries, Greece, Bulgaria as well as in Turkey, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recently, two hunters dressed up in protected clothes were shooting seagulls, herons and cormorants at the Dojran Lake. The birds that were shot were packed in bags and given to the veterinarians who tool samples for examinations of the deadly disease, after which the samples were immediately sent for diagnostic in the Veterinarian institute in Skopje.
In the next period a second phase from the monitoring has been planned, which should be reinforced because with the spring coming the birds are returning in Macedonia and there is a possibility to bring the disease.

Macedonia wants on the Summit of NATO in Riga this year, instead of clearly signal to receive membership invitation for the next enlargement of the Alliance. All activities in relation to the integration in NATO will be lead by still the actual ambassador in USA, Nikola Dimitrov, who should return to Skopje next month. It’s been speculated that the Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski decided to give Dimitrov a new function, respectively a national coordinator for integration of Macedonia in NATO. The argumentation about this decision is that Dimitrov recently worked on the activities for membership of the country in the Alliance and that so far he had excellent results.


The union of the syndicates of Macedonia is in front of a bankrupt. The employees in the republican syndic organization didn’t receive salary for almost two months because the membership is refusing to pay membership fee. The bad financial situations in USM are result by the separation of three syndicates- SONK, the Syndicate of defense and the Syndicate of financial workers. The first men in the Syndicate don’t know when the salaries of the employees will be paid, but they made efforts to increase the payment of the membership fee. In the administration of SSM in the whole country are 98 employees.


After the reactions about building of a radioactive depot in the vicinity of Skopje on the already held press conference, the vice minister of environment and physical planning, Dragoljub Matovski, stated: “We are not giving up form the project about building of a depot for low and middle radioactive waste, but it’s possible to be build on another place if the population from Municipality of Petrovec don’t allow continuing of the constructive works on the facility in the Cojlia county”. As reserve variants for building of the depot are the military polygon Krivolak or the vicinity of the village Vladevci, Strumica. Matovski added that no matter which location will be chosen, the depot must be build till the end of the year. In the international agency are saying that they didn’t give concrete dead-line for the whole construction, but they confirm that it will be better to be finished soon.


A Macedonian delegation led by the minister of interior affairs, Ljubomir Mihajlovski, were attending the Third annual conference about the achievements in the security if the borders in the South-east Europe, which was held in Sarajevo, in organization by the Ministry of security of Bosna and Herzegovina and the Geneva centre for democratic control (DCAF). As it’s been written in the announcement of MVR, aim of the Conference, despite the appropriation of the Annual plan for mutual activities, which despite the current also includes the year 2007 is the bilateral collaboration between the neighbor countries from the region in the border security. Delegations from the ministries of interior affairs of nine countries from the region attended this conference.


The archbishop Mr. Mr. Stefan stated that the present relations between the Macedonian and the Serbian orthodox church are reduced just on a written correspondence by the both sites. He evaluated that majors of SOC finally should understand that with the creation of parallel churches the church dispute with MOC can not be solve. According to him, if this was the way for solving of this issue that could be make earlier, and not after 40 years independent life of our church.
“What is happening with MOC is neither to the canons nor to the rules, nor to the traditions pf all orthodox churches. I believe that to all of us it’s clear that the name of Republic of Macedonia is the problem, and with that is our problem too”, Mr. Mr. Stefan stated.
He announced that the problem will further acquaint the rest of the orthodox churches, principally, support and help will be requested from the cosmic patriarch Vartolomej.
On the occasion of 300 years from the Metody’s death, the first prelate of the Debar-Kicevo eparchy after the promulgation of the independence of MOC and renewal of the Ohrid Archbishopric, the Archbishop Mr. Mr. Stefan together with the archbishops Kiril, Timotej and Agatangel , in attendance of three ambassadors in the country, from Netherlands, Sweden and Norway served a commemoration.

In the occasion of two years from the death of the president of Republic of Macedonia, Boris Trajkovski, at the Alley of the giants on the “Butel” cemetery in Skopje on 26th of February his family, the wife Vilma with the children Sara and Stefan, together with kiril, the father of Boris laid flowers on his grave. The president of the Republic of Macedonia, Branko Crvenkovski, who led the state delegation, then the delegation of the ARM Headquarters, the diplomatic corps in Macedonia and representatives of the political parties among which the leaders of VMRO-DPME and DRUM, Nikola Gruevski and Dosta Dimovska, as well as the mayors from many municipalities also laid wreaths.
Among the people who gave honor to Boris Trajkovski were the mountaineers from Strumica who walked 180 kilometers from Trajkovski’s hometown to Skopje.

With the speech by the professor Petre Bashevski the 14th “Dionysis’ commemorations-Minu Ugrinovska” were opened in the cinema “Frosina” in the Youth cultural centre. On 24th and 25th of February in organization by the Youth centre “Skrb i Uteha”, Macedonian cultural meetings were happened. The movie “Stone between two fields” produced by “Dion” and MRTV, which was shot at Golo Brdo, Albania, and which is participant at many international festivals, was shown. The theatre “Skrb i Uteha” has played their newest play “Kiss me Chernodrinski “, and the folklore group “Sonce” (the Macedonians from Romania) presented their selves with many national dances. The appearance by the singer Loredana Pasky with her pearly voice made a big impression. Also assembles from Mosmishte, Koprivljani and Ljaski with Macedonian songs from Pirin as well as with the authentic Macedonian song with the Pomacite from the Rodops were guests. Two Macedonian books from R. Bulagira, “Makedoniada” by Ivan G.Singartiski, with intro speech by Vangel Bozinovski and “The tongue of St. Cyril and Metody” by Zarisa Paraos, with intro speech by Serafim Gocev, were presented. Verses were spoken by Dimitar Ivanov from Shumen, and the commemorations were also enriched by the actor of the theatre “Skrb i Uteha”, Strashko Miloshevski. The Ethnological museum of the priest Zlatko Davidkovski in the church “St. Jovan Opsecen” in the village Rezanovce has been visited on 25th of February. These Dionysus’ commemorations have showed that the Macedonian culture of giving and love, bred and wine, songs and dances, poetry and theatre is the power with which we maintain ourselves and survived through centuries.





Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski is expected to hold Wednesday an informal meeting in Bucharest with Matthew Nimetz, the UN special mediator on name dispute between Macedonia and Greece.
Crvenkovski wrapped up on Tuesday his two-day official visit to Romania, in the course of which he met his host, Romanian Persident Traian Basescu, Prime Minister Calin Popescu-Tariceanu, Chairmen of the Senate, Chamber of Deputies Nikolae Vakaroyu and Adrian Nastase, as well as with Bucharest mayor Adrien Videanu.


Political relations between Albania and Macedonia are excellent however there is a large unused potential for intensifying the economic cooperation, Albanian and Macedonian Prime Ministers Sali Berisa and Vlado Buckovski assessed at Wednesday's meeting in Tirana.
Prime Ministers agreed to review the possibility Macedonia to be given a privileged status at Durres port as free economic zone.
"A time comes when the relations between the two countries should result in economic cooperation in whose function is today's Macedonian - Albanian Business Forum. Macedonia's strategic interest is development of the economic and business climate in the region especially in Albania and Kosovo," Macedonian PM stated after the meeting.
Albanian PM Berisa said that Albania and Macedonia are small countries with common opinions in the development of the Balkan.
"Macedonia and Albania have common future in the NATO and the EU. We have discussed the joint projects in the sphere of culture, education, combat against organised crime and strengthening the economic cooperation," Berisa said.
Buckovski asked Berisa to review the possibility Macedonian construction companies Granit and Mavrovo to participate in the construction of the Pristina - Tirana highway. They also agreed two ministries of economy to send letters to the Russian company Gazprom for gasification of Albania and Macedonia within the frameworks of Corridor VIII.
Berisa and Buckovski talked about the situation in the region and Kosovo.
Buckovski said that Macedonia supports the talks between Belgrade and Pristina with mediation of the international community in finding solution for the future Kosovo status. Buckovski reiterated the position that Macedonia's sovereign border should be demarcated prior to defining final Kosovo status as Ambassador Kai Eide recommended in the report which was approved by the UN Security Council and the Contact Group.
PM Vlado Buckovski Wednesday will meet with Albanian President Alfred Mojsiu and will participate at the Macedonian - Albanian Business Forum in Tirana.