On 4th of February the traditional all-Macedonian commemorative service will be held on the occasion of the birth of Goce Delcev. Traditionally, every year, they review the accomplishment of the human and national rights of the Macedonians from all parts of Macedonia and from the Diaspora too. This year accredited ambassadors in R. Macedonia from the states where the Macedonians an the Nongovernmental associations of human rights (Helsinki Commission, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and others),live will be invited and mutual declaration should accrue from this mutual meeting.

The legal regulative about building of monuments and memento-insignia is decided with the play rules. The Head of the Board of cultural heritage protection, Jovan Ristov, stated that official letter was sent to the mayor of the municipality of Cair, Izair Medjiti, to show all the documentation about procedure of the monument’s building. For the building of the monument of the Gjorgjija kastriot-Iskender, which bases were set on location of the Skopje’s Old Bazaar, but on the manifestation of the Albanian’s flag, the Board of cultural heritage protection inquires from the initiator of the building to return the whole procedure on the beginning positions in order to respect the legal regulative
Ristov pointed out that for building of this insignia, which actually has all the parameters of a monument, mainly, the state is competent and that the decision according with the Law of memorial monuments and insignias is carried out by the Assembly, which in this time didn’t happen.

In interview about the tyrannical satellite TV “Klan”, the Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha stated that an emergency census will be implement next year, whereupon on the census lists will be a special column for the expression of the national and religion identity.
The president of the Association of the Macedonians, Eftim Mitrevski, says that this is good news for the Macedonians, as well as for the other minorities and he added that according to him that will be first time after the census from 1952, every citizen ca express itself for his ethnic and religion identity.
The minorities expressed the last mutual request about the new census on the International day of the human rights protection on round table which was held in the beginning of September by the Party of human rights protection of the Greek minorities, on which foreign diplomats also attended.

The minister of defense Jovan Manasievski announced that the military obligation will be serve voluntarily, and ARM will continuously enlarge the membership of attending the foreign missions. At the beginning of this year the number of people who participate at the foreign missions will be doubled and will be spent more money then the past years.
“With the new changes in the Law of defense a voluntarily serving of the military obligation will be estimated. But from the other site the voluntarily serving will be also one of the terms for reception of professional soldiers. “There will be soldiers-recruits and mechanism for preparation of the future professional soldiers in continuity”, the minister Manasievski stated.


From the ministry of health are announcing that at airports in Macedonia the medical watch will be intensive for the passengers who are returning from the critical regions.
There is no danger of bird flu in Macedonia after the last deadly cases in Turkey, which were caused by this disease. Possible bearers of this disease are just the wild birds, and not the passengers who are returning from Turkey, the director of the veterinary board Slobodan Cokrevski, announced. Three children died from the virus H5N1 in Turkey, and two more are infected, who are accepted in the hospital in the Turkish city Van. There are totally 35 persons in the hospitals who are receiving therapy against the bird flu. The European commission announced new measures to prevent the disease and veto on the import of the unprocessed poultry from six countries, near the region of Eastern Turkey which is infected with the virus.


The water from the overflowed properties in Macedonia is withdrawing, but there are still problems with which the citizens are confronting with it. Some villages near Skopje are supplying with drinking water from tanks, and the local authorities from the vicinity of Tetovo are seeking for help from the Government.
A big danger skulks of the appearance of infective diseases in the overflow regions such as hepatitis A, diarrhea and other gut diseases, which can be forwarded trough using an inaccurately drinking water, the epidemiologists are warning. According to the newest consciousnesses, the hygiene-epidemiological situation on the field is improving, and measures for successful maintaining and preventing of the infective diseases’ appearance are performed.

“The Dionysus’ commemorative service - Minu Ugrinovska”, will be held on 24th and 25th of February 2006, in the cinema-hall of the Youth cultural center in Skopje with beginning at 8.00 pm by the in the organization of the Cultural center “Skrb i Uteha”. All-Macedonian meetings of theatre, books, speeches, folklore, art, xylographic and movie. Meetings of the Macedonian culture of Macedonia, and of the Macedonian culture of the neighbor states from Golo Brdo, Prespa, Gora, Pirin, the Rodops, the Aegean part of Macedonia as well as Macedonian guests with their culture from Romania and turkey. Let us break the last European-Macedonian wall, not with hate and killings but with free Macedonian culture. We want Freedom for the European and the Macedonian culture. Europe without borders - Macedonia without borders. Come to see and feel the renewed holy Macedonian’s saints days and celebrations, the cultic- Dionysus’ commemorative service…

A gallery has been opened these days in the city of Oreva in Newzeland by the painter Sashko Petrov Liceno, born citizen of Shtip, who almost few years lives in this faraway land. At the gallery Petrov presented himself with 41 paintings, made in aquarelle with topics, mainly from the Newzeland’s sky. Previously Petrov was awarded with a first price at the famous competition of the painters in Newzeland, because of which he received an offer to open an autonomous gallery that was followed with great interest by the Newzeland’s public. The opening of the gallery was enriched with reading by Macedonian authors and with Macedonian music. Petrov is the first Macedonian who opens autonomous gallery in Newzeland.





The World Health Organization reported Tuesday that all cases of human avian in Turkey have come from infected birds.
At least 15 cases of the disease have been identified in the country with two deaths. These are the first known human cases outside of China and Southeast Asia.
WHO said that the human victims all appear to have been infected through close contact with infected birds. The most recent case involves a woman who lives in a province with no reported cases of avian influenza but with outbreaks nearby.
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said at a news conference Tuesday that he believes the disease is under control, the BBC reported. He said that none of the remaining 13 cases in humans are "at an advanced stage."
The Agriculture Ministry reported Tuesday that 306,000 birds have been killed in 15 provinces.


Mehmet Ali Agca, the Turkish man who attempted to assassinate Pope John Paul II in 1981 was released from prison on Thursday after serving almost 25 years behind bars.
Agca, 48, did not say anything to a huge scrum of local and international reporters as he left Istanbul's Kartal Prison. He was immediately escorted by police to a military recruitment office.
Agca evaded compulsory military service in his youth but it is not clear whether he will have to complete his service now due to both his age - the military normally only takes recruits up to the age of 40 - and his mental state after spending so many years behind bars.
The man who shot the late pope in 1981 spent 19 years in prison in Italy before being extradited to Turkey in 2000 after being pardoned by Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. Upon arrival in Turkey he was immediately imprisoned for the 1979 murder of Abdi Ipekci, editor of Milliyet newspaper.
His release on Thursday was ordered due to new Turkish laws which counted the time spent in Italian jails towards the 25-year sentence on the Ipekci murder conviction.
Ipekci's family attempted to stop his release but a court on Wednesday evening refused to intervene.
There have been warnings that Agca's life could be in danger from those who may have helped him in the 1981 assassination attempt.
"(Once free) he will need to be extremely mindful of his own safety," retired Italian judge Fernando Imposimato told the Rome- based daily Il Messaggero earlier this week. "All of his known accomplices are either dead or have disappeared for good."
Agca was only 23 years old at the time of the attempted assassination and the motive for the attack remains shrouded in mystery.
Imposimato believes Agca, a professional killer, was hired by Bulgarian agents on behalf of the KGB in a plot to eliminate one of the most authoritative critics of communism in Europe.
The "KGB theory" has never been proven in court and Agca has helped muddy the waters by repeatedly changing his version of events. But Imposimato is convinced that Agca's former accomplices may now seek to silence him for good.