In honour of the anniversary of the birth of the great ancient general Alexander the Great of Macedonia (23rd of July 356 B.C.), the Association for nurturing of ancient traditions “Ksantika”, despite other activities scheduled in the Annual program, traditionally this year as well marked the birth and death of Alexander the Great. For that occasion for three years in a row it organised the event “Days’ of Alexander”, which was held at the antic theatre Skupi, once centre of culture and history. Same as before the event was fulfilled with games, songs, flowers and the colour of red. On the stage of ancient Skupi, songs were sang and a reel was danced, and the actress Sonja Karandzulovaska with the monodrama “Klitemnestra”, captured the eternal spirit of the theatre of our cultural heritage.
“ I wish that in the future we can include more people in this project, so that we can cultivate the ancient theatre and make this place a place that will fill the souls of the citizens of Skopje and Macedonia”, stated the mayor of the municipality of Karpos and the curator of the event, Andrej Petrov.
The theatre, with a stage 98 metres long and 15 metres wide, was one of the most monumental structures of Skupi. The life of this ancient city in a large part revolved around that place. Plays were held, orators performed… Built in the time of Kadrijan, the ancient theatre Skupi, which is located in the village of Zlokukani, is one of the most beautiful theatres in Macedonia. Established around first century A.D. the city achieves its peak before the catastrophic earthquake of 518. It was forgotten for a long time both by the authorities and by culture - excavations were made before and after WWII. Trough them the significants of Skupi for the cultural life of the Macedonians is proven in the period when during the holydays the scene is filled with plays, satires and poetry.
Since 2003 “Ksantika” exists legally as an Association for the nurturing of ancient traditions, so in its programme it was unavoidable not to include the remembrance of Alexander the Great of Macedonian as our unsurpassed treasure. In this 2005 staring from 10.06.2005 till 23.07.2005 within the frame of Days’ of Alexander, “Ksantika” strives to make a symbiosis of death which is meaningless, and the greatness of his work that lives till this day.
The theatre is still here, but if not for the excavations and the research that were done, till this day there is no concrete action for its revival. In the last three years the Association “Ksantika” and the Municipality Karpos trough the project “The resurrection of the ancient theatre Skupi” are trying to return the glitter to it and make it in to a tourist attraction.

The bells of the monastery of “St. Atanasij” that was demolished in 2001 echoed again over the walls of the re-build temple. A large number of faithful attended the holy services with which the head of the MOC Mr.Mr. Stefan and the Bishop of Polog and Kumanovo presided. The Archbishop Stefan called on the inhabitants of Lesok to live together with everybody and built mutual love and trust. He stated that:
“Macedonia is only small for those with small harts and souls. It is human to remember the bad doings and misfortunes. Let us remember and not forgot them. But it is also human and Christian to forgive. That’s why let Lesok be a warning for all and a testament that coexistence should be a law for everybody”.
On this event the vice president of the Government, Radmila Shekerinska, also attended and said that these resurrection is a message that the holy places of every faith are a contribution of civilisation and should not be destroyed, but should be honoured and glorified. According to the chief of the delegation of the European commission, Donato Kiarini, it is proven with this event that the attempt of the destroyers of the church is fruitless. For this event an exhibition of photographs of the rebuilding of the church was organised as well as a visit to the tomb of Kiril Pejcinovic.
The reconstruction of the church of “St. Atanasij” began in June 2003 and around 60 people worked on it. Soon the work on the frescoes will start. For the reconstruction of the monastery the European agency for reconstruction provided 150.000 euros.

“The wife of Ljube Boskovski is disappointed of the flow of events in the Hague and there for is considering to hire a foreign lawyer, who has represented clients in front of the Hague tribunal”, Goran Mitevski stated, on of the founders of the citizens’ association for the support of Ljube Boskovski, formed on the 15th of May of this year, in the aim of providing financial an moral support to Boskovski and Tarculovski.
In the future the Association will intensify its activities so that it can provide a better quality of help with the preparations of the defence.
“The idea of hiring British lawyers fell trough, because they demanded a lot of money. That can’t even be paid by the state-says Mitevski- let alone somebody else. Now the Croatian lawyer Ante Nobilo is back in the game , who asks 30.000 euros per month”.
Our emigrant from Australia Sotir Mitrev is the only one so far who has donated funds for the Association for the support of the defence. The guarantor of the account, which is its signatory, is the wife of Ljube Boskovski, Violeta who along with his cousins Svetlana Davcevska and Milica Nsatovska are the founders of the Association.

In the catastrophic earthquake in 1963 the biggest part of the city was totally destroyed. Thanks to the large number of world donations the city was rebuild. One such unselfish donation was the help from Finland. In this period the government of Finland donated financial assets with which the housing blocks of Cento were built. After the initiative of the residents, and in the honour of this human act, the street on which the housing complex is situated was renamed in to “Finland str.”.
Traditionally, going back for years, the residents of this street on the day of orthodox holiday “St. Archangel Gabriel”, have a memorial in the Finish park. In the previous years the curator of this event was the mayor of the municipality of Gazi Baba, Koce Trajanovski. This year the event was marked with several cultural and sporting activities. The residents of the Cento neighbourhood, the mayor of Gazi Baba, a delegation form Finland and numerous quests from the country and abroa were present. In the honour of the late president Boris Trajkovski a cross country marathon was held, which started at the president’s house.








Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski put into operation Wednesday the Macedonian satellite teleport centre located in the Macedonian Radio Television building.
Over ten channels from Serbia and Montenegro, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina will be gathered and distributed through the Macedonian centre.
Centre will provide to all media and production companies to be present both in Europe and other continents as well.
"The construction of this Center is a step forward in Government's efforts to include Macedonia in the countries that have the most sophisticated technological equipment for electronic communications", Minister of Transport and Communications Xhemali Mehazi said at the opening ceremony.
Installation of Macedonian satellite teleport centre is a result of the agreement signed between Ministry of Transport and Communications and TARBS Group in accordance with MRTV and Macedonian Broadcasting.
Through sophisticated installed equipment, Macedonia will be included in the countries that receive and regularly send signals realising intensive broadcasting.
In accordance with the agreement, after five years the equipment remains as a donation in the property to Ministry of Transport and Communications. The amount of the installed equipment costs over US$ 2 million.
TARBS Group is multiethnic satellite provider for national and privately owned television channels of around 50 countries worldwide. TARBS uses chain of satellites for global distribution of signals. The Group, which operates the satellite teleport centres in Australia, Germany, the US, Israel, Egypt, Philippines and Greece, takes the responsibility if interest exists in Macedonia to continue the cooperation and to increase the investment to several million dollars.