Minister Mitreva in counterattack

Greeks’ aggressive campaign about the name of the Republic of Macedonia – Skopje has provoked our minister of foreign affairs, Ilinka Mitreva to answer with counterattack. These days, the minister has conducted many telephone conversations with important politicians, like with the European commissar for enlargement, Olli Ran, the deputy state secretary, Nicola Barns, with the ministries of the member-countries of EU, the ambassador of the European Commission in Macedonia, Donato Kjarini and with the Chinese and Russian Ambassadors in our state. Macedonian position about the dispute, was explained by Mitreva in two key points – in the agenda of EU, the dispute about the name of Macedonia cannot be added and the criterions of Copenhagen are the unique valid criterions for Euro integration of Macedonia. More exactly, in any article of the Temporary agreement and in the Resolution of UN, there is not such a think that Macedonia should talk about the name, but to talk about the differences about the name and the Greece is obligated to allow the integrations of our country in EU and in the other international organizations.
  Fight between the Greek and Macedonian fans

On the stadium “Bob Gene” in Melbourne very unpleasant event happen. On the soccer game between “Presto Lions” supported by the Macedonian fans and “South Melbourne” supported by the Greeks emigrants, the first team has win. That was the reason approximately 400 fans to starts hand-to-hand combat.
The fans of “Preston” came on the field to celebrated the win of their team, but than the fans of “Melbourne” have branched the police barricades, destroyed part of the fence and entered on the field and that result in fight between the two groups.
The Australian medium is pointing out that this fight can make the soccer’s authorities to take measures, the soccer games between the clubs of two opposite ethnical communities to be held without audience, on neutral field and under strong police control.
  Bigajski: recognition by the constitutional name

The position of the famous American analyst and director of the Institute for the Balkan, Janosh Bugajski was presented in the interview for one television of Tirana. It concerns the question about the situation in Macedonia and proposition of the UN for the term that should be used by Macedonia for its identification. The constitutional name of Macedonia should be accepted, that is the term The Republic of Macedonia.
  Inexpensive “free” medicines are prolonged

Insurers of the Fund for health insurance will wait at least one month to receive cheaper and modern “free” medicines, which will be brought from the new international tender. The Fund is explaining the prolongation by the unfinished appeals procedures. The international tender of medicines is 60 million euro and 30 companies from our state and foreign countries are candidates. The offered prices for the medicine palette are 30 percents cheaper that presents and those from the hospital list are cheaper for 10 percents.

The Cardinal Racinger is the new Pope

In the fourth circle of the election, where 115 Cardinal participated, isolated in the Conclave, the German Cardinal Josef Racinger was chosen for the new Pope and he choose the name Benedict the Sixteen.
“Dear brothers and sisters, after the great Pope John Paul the Second, the cardinals have chosen me – simple and humble worker in the vineyards of God. I believe in yours prayers”, has pointed out Benedict the Sixteen.
The election of the new Pope was celebrated in 5.50 pm, with white smoke from the Sistine Chapel and ten minutes later was confirmed with the drums from the Basilica St. Peter. The new, 265 pope, after the official statement, entered on the balcony of the Basilica and refers to the gathered crowd and believers with the words: “Urbi et orbi”.
















PM Vlado Buckovski will meet Thursday with Vesna Janevska, leader of the opposition VMRO-People's Party.
The meeting will be a start of the political consultations of the Government, regarding changes of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia in function of reforms in judiciary and strengthening its independence.
The meeting will also focus on the establishment of coalition for Europe of the parliamentary political parties based on joint statement, which was signed by the presidents of the parliamentary political parties.
PM Vlado Buckovski invited political parities' leaders to discuss changes of the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia.
PM Vlado Buckovski's cabinet informed that the meetings will focus on judiciary reforms and changes of election regulations aimed at implementation of the remarks of the international monitors referring to the local elections.