The negotiations about the name are in the same position

The conversations between Greece and Macedonia for the quarrel about the name again are s in the same position, in spite of that Athena has stir up the atmosphere of quick solution and strong diplomatic activity, as never before. On the meeting, in which were present the ambassador in USA, Nikola Dimitrov, the President Branko Crvenkovski, the Vice-president Vlado Buckovski and the Minister of foreign affairs Ilinka Mitreva, was concluded that Macedonia in New York will insist for double formula, because the variants for one name that are circulating in the Greeks mediums as “New Macedonia” and “The Republic of Macedonia – Skopje” are unacceptable for us.
“The platform for the conversations in New York is same and already known, and that is, use of our constitutional name The Republic of Macedonia in the all international communication”, has declared Ilinka Mitreva.
  Vranishkovski in USA without Macedonian passport

The Appellate Court in Bitola has postponed the court hearing about the complaint of the so-called Serbian Exarch in Macedonia, Jovan Vranishkovski, for the verdict from the Court of original jurisdiction, in which he was sentenced year and six months of prison for committed punishable act, causing racial and religious intolerance. The reason for this postponing of the court hearing is the moment absent of Jovan Vranishovski who is in USA. But, is interested the fact that the Appellate Court has taken away the Macedonian passport from Vranishkovski, so now the question is how and with what kind of passport he left in USA. Supposition is, that he has Serbian passport so probably he left with this passport.
  Five years "Democratic Union"

Recently, the Democratic Union has celebrated five years of its formation.
“The Democratic Union always for main goal has have the strategic, national and long-term state’s interests and the same will be in the future”, said the party leader Pavle Trajanov.
He recommended that in front of the party are standing new challenges, from which the biggest is the victory in the parliamentarian elections.
“ I am certain that the associated opposition, as now has win the local elections, also will triumph than. The falsification that was made by the authority will not revoke the democratic battle”, pointed out Trajanov. According to him, the citizens in the option “ the Third road”, which initiator for formation was the Democratic Union, recognized new political option that is opening new perspectives for changes.
  Russian financial injection for the Macedonian economy

Soon, in Macedonia will enter Russian capital, heavy 500 million dollars. These are information from the business circles in the country that are informed with the Russian intentions. According to them, these investments will be great financial injection for the Macedonian economy, which until now hardly succeeded to attract foreign investments.
For the Russian investors, Macedonia is more attractive destination for investments.
Some Macedonian companies are already sold and big numbers are the potential candidates on the list of interested powerful Russian companies.

The number of the social cases is increasing in Kicevsko

According to the data from the Center for social help in Kicevo, almost 7.200 citizens from this region are users of the social funds from the state. The biggest is number of users of social help 1.731 with 6.390 members of the users family. That follows 562 users of else’s help and care, as well as 74 persons with 118 members of their family with permanent financial help. The number of the persons who are receiving help as soldiers, invalids and persons who are living with other families is smaller. For all of them, the resume of the documentations for receiving social help has started.

















"It is not true that we are admitted in the United Nations under FYROM reference. The official UN documents, the decisions of UN Security Council and General Assembly state precisely that in the frameworks of UN other countries will address Macedonia as Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and not as FYROM, as long as the name dispute with Greece is not solved."
"FYROM reference was initiated by Greece, in order to 'avoid' the use of the word 'Macedonia', but it is not defined with the decision of UN bodies", former Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov said, answering the question of Macedonian Information Agency - MIA, on Macedonian move to accept the entry to the UN under FYROM reference, or firstly to convince the world in the illogical Greek demands.
"I'm absolutely sure that even then most of UN member-countries couldn't realize that a name of one nation which created a state centuries ago, could be disputed", Gligorov added.
"Besides the recognition of Macedonia's constitutional name by more than a hundred countries, Greece is not convinced to leave its illogical, and according to me, non perspective policy", Gligovor said in interview with MIA on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the first Macedonian Government.
Regarding the use of the constitutional name, Gligorov said that he was always an optimist that the name dispute would be solved in Macedonia's favor.