Interrogation of The Hague’s Tribunal is postponed

Interrogation of The Hague’s Tribunal for the three witnesses about the case “Ljuboten” is postponed because of the busyness of the investigators. The interrogation has started with Zlatko Keskoski, one of the four witnesses. Keskoski was sheaf of the security of the former President Boris Trajkovski and than he was working in the Department of security and inquiry. He was interrogated ten hours in the offices of UNHCR in Skopje.
  New books about the Macedonian history

Recently, two books with themes from the Macedonian history are published. The first book is published by the MNLD “Grigor Prlicev” from Sidney, under the title “Family relationship between the Macedonian Medieval Czar Samuil and the British Queen Elizabeth the Second”. This book is published in English language and the author is Aleksandar Donski. This book offers proofs about the blood relationship between the present British Queen and Czar Samuil. The book has 100 pages and around twenty illustrations.
The second book is titled “Testimonies from the period of Ilinden”. The “Australian – Macedonian weekly magazine” from Melburn is the publisher. This book offers authentic short memories about the events in the period of Ilinden from the few participants in these events. The commentary of these testimonies is from Aleksandar Donski and Atanas Kirjakov (Macedonian activist in the Pirin part of Macedonia, who is the most meritorious for revealing these testimonies).
  Tragic accident in ARM

The body of the 29-year-old captain of the ARM (Army of the Republic of Macedonia), Simo Krsoski, deputy commander in the border’s watchtower “Radika” was found in the snow and on the body is found signs of suffocation and frozenness. These are the results from the autopsy made by the Institute of forensic medicine and were announced by the spokesman of the ARM, the colonel Dimce Petrovski. The body was found near the borders between Macedonia, Albania and Serbia and Monte Negro, in part from Kosovo.
  Internet connection for school

According to the project “School of Internet” which was presented by the General director of the “Macedonian telecommunications”, Atila Sandei, approximately 350 schools will receive free ADSL Internet connection, by the September, this year.
This action will be made in cooperation with the Ministry of education.
The Deputy- Minister of education, Tale Geramicioski says that there are still schools without Internet, but he announced that this situation will became better with the new donation of around four thousand computers from the Chinese Government.  

Our culture is a reflection of our country

In organization of the Cultural Center and the theatre “Skrb i uteha” (“Care and consolation”), production “Dion” and edition “Liceum” in the Cultural- Informative Center, Salon “19,19”, the traditional Macedonian cultural meetings “Honor of Dionysus – Minu Ugrinovska” will be held on February 25,26, 2005. The meetings are about the Macedonian culture in Pirin, Rodop, Aegean, Gora, Golo Brdo, Prespa and the Diaspora. This year program will be fulfill with folklore, singing, theatre, film, book, exhibits, lecture about the similarities between Homer’s and Macedonian language from the linguist from Canada. The goal of these cultural meetings is Macedonian divided culture to be united in the spirit of the Euro integration.

















Parliamentary political parties will submit a proposal to the Parliament to approve setting of a national council for Euro-integration, which will support Macedonia's preparations for the European Union membership.
The proposal was agreed Wedenesday at a meeting of Prime Minister Vlado Buckovski with the leaders of political parties, represented at the Parliament, held a few days before the submission of Macedonia's answers to the European Commission questionaire.
The National Council will include MPs of ruling and opposition parties, chairpersons of the parliamentary committees on foreign affairs, European integration and interparliamentary cooperation, representatives of the Presidential and PM Cabinets, non-governmental organizations, media and ect. A deputy of the opposition party will be appointed for the council's chairperson.
All parliamenmtary parties consider that Macedonia's accession to the EU is an issue of top national priority, reads a joint statement of the meeting attendants.
They also reconfirm the significance of a dialgue and joint activities in the process for Macedonia's integration with the EU, partcularly in the part related to harmonizing domestic with the Union's legislation.
The joint statement is signed by the Social-Democratic Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM), VMRO-DPMNE, Liberal Party, Liberal-Democratic Party, Socialist Party, VMRO-People's Party, Democratic Union for Integration (DUI), Democratic Party of Albanians (DPA), Party for Democratic Prosperity (PDP), National Democratic Party (NDP), Democratic League of Bosniaks in Macedonia (DLBRM), United Party of Romas in Macedonia (OPRM), Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia (DPSM) and Democratic Party of Turks in Macedonia (DPTM).
Macedonian delegation, led by PM Buckovski, will submit the answers to questionaire to EC President Jose Manuel Barroso on February 14 in Brussels.