Bloody shooting in Tetovo

In Tetovo, in the organized police action criminal group was routed. Chief of this criminal group is Lirim Jakupi known as Nazi, citizen of Serbia and Monte Negro. In this bloody shooting one member of the criminal croup was killed and two of them were arrested. Only the leader of this group, Lirim Jakupi Nazi, has run away from the police, in Kosovo. In this action, one of the policemen was injured, also.
  Welcome to Macedonia Mr. President

In USA there are many cities, streets and churches that are named Macedonia and these places are build by the Americans or by the new citizens in America. These places are named according to Macedonia from the Bible and in glory of Alexander Macedonian.
One of those cities is the City of Macedonia, which will celebrate 100 years of its existence in 2005 and for that occasion Mr. Georgia-George Atanasoski has send greeting card to the mayor of the city, Mr. Don Kuchta. During the presidential campaign of George Bush in front of the entrance of the city was written: Welcome to Macedonia Mr. President.
  Stop for phosphate derivatives

The Ministry of life environment and space planning announced that the Ministry will make the regulation for prohibition of production, import, turnover and use of phosphate derivatives, because derivates use may cause awful consequences and death of the rare plant and animal speeches in the Ohrid Lake. After the warning from the experts, massive public campaign for prohibition of phosphate derivatives has begun in Ohrid, which is lead by the company Farmaherm.
  Successful year for IK Bank

This year was the most successful for IK Bank. The Active of the Bank is increase for 36 % or one third more and expected profit will be higher for 61% than 2003. The performances of the Bank expressed trough the quality of the credit portfolio, high dynamics of realization of the credits and increased deposit base in 2004 have resulted with signing new credit engagements with foreign partners.  

Record production of MAKSTIL

The company Makstil has record production of 310.000 tons tinplates, in 2004. This is 9% higher than the production from 2003 and 6% or 320.000 tons thick sheet metal. The capacity of the sections of factory Makstil is higher for six times. The assortment and the quality of the gamma products are certificated according European and World standards.


















Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski sent greeting to all Macedonian citizens on the occasion of New Year.
"New Year is a time to sum up the results, to express wishes and to make plans for the future. In the past year good and bad things happened to us. We had successes, but also we faced problems and difficulties. There were moments of celebration, but also moments of sorrow," Crvenkovski said.
"Our determination for peace and stability, democracy and co-existence was confirmed in the past year. We want to see Macedonia respected in the world, Macedonia - as a future member of the Euro-Atlantic structures," Crvenkovski stated.
He said the main priority of the Macedonian authorities in 2005 would be decreasing unemployment, bigger economic growth and better living standard for Macedonian citizens.
"I am aware that even in the New Year's holidays, many citizens are facing with poverty, some of them are ill or are burdened with other problems," Crvenkovski said, expressing his whish the holidays to bring peace, tranquility, good health and better life to all citizens.
He sent New Year's greetings with hopes for better and more successful future.
"Macedonia is young and small country with many problems. But the temptations that we were passed through, the challenges that we overcame, makes us stronger.
"The path we have chosen is the right one. The results will follow. Macedonia definitely moves forward. Happy New Year!" Crvenkovski said.