Initiative of the Macedonians in Sweden

The Presidency of the Macedonian Union in Sweden has given proposal on which way we can express our gratitude to the President of USA George Bush, for the recognition of the Constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia. The members of this Presidency think that the most well fitted thing that we can do is to name one street, boulevard or square in Skopje, or in other bigger cities in Macedonia, after George Bush. The Presidency of the Macedonian Union in Sweden has informed the Embassy of the Republic of Macedonia in Stockholm about this initiative and has asked from it to take this proposal in consideration in cooperation with the Macodonian Ministry of foreign affairs. If this proposal will be adopted, then we will express our gratitude to the President of USA George Bush on the suitable way because this decision is with enormous political meaning and it’s crucial for the further development of the Macedonian state as well as for the strengthening of it’s international position.
  The media and the physically and psychic disabled persons

The regional work-shop, named “The media and the physically and psychic disabled persons- challenge for the Balkan” , has been organized by the Non- Governmental Association “Polio plus”, in the hotel “Continental”. The main purpose of this work-shop was to find the way which will lead to the thoughts, ideas and souls of all creators who are with certain disability. The work- shop was organized as a part of the regional project “Sheer- CEE”. The participants were representatives of the host’s media, guests from Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Albania.

The problem with the cytostatices is continuing

The children who are cancer patients will be left without needed medications, again. The reserves of cytostatices are worn out and the tender for the new supplier is not finished yet. Still, the quantity of reserves is unknown and the doctors are not giving any information to the parents, just to avoid the panic among them. By the way, the medications for the treatment were mostly provided by the parents them selves. According to the authorized in the Board of the Clinical Center, on the last unsuccessful tender was decided to be bought only three out of fifteen offered cytostatics. The bureaucratic procedures, which are the main reason for hundreds of children who are left without medications, are also the reason for failure of the appeal because there was only one bidder who has responded on that appeal.

  Invoices for “Mobimak” and “Cosmophone”, again

The Board of Telecommunications has returned the invoices for urgent payment for year’s reimbursement to the companies “Mobimak” and “Cosmophone” which have been using the radio frequencies during this year, 2004. The latest date for payment of the invoices, with total value of approximately 4,5 million Euro, has already expired on November, 09. There are speculations that these companies will not pay off these invoices because the state has calculated the reimbursement for the period when there wasn’t existing any legal liability for settlement of the reimbursement for using the radio frequencies.


Macedonian- Croatian cooperation

The Agreement for cooperation between the National Libraries of Macedonia and Croatia was signed by the Director of the National and University Library “St. Clement Ohridski” in Skopje, Borko Zafirovski and by the Director of the National Bookstore in Zagreb, Josip Stipanov. With this agreement, the cooperation between these libraries will be more intensive in many segments and will provide more active exchange of publications and other librarian material.
Zafirovski and Stopanov have talked about the application of the new technologies in the librarianship, about the librarian connection, about the education and protection of the books with purpose to advance this activity.








Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski and the representatives of political parties - signatories of the Framework Agreement and of Democratic Union for Integration, political parties representing smaller ethnic communities, signed Wednesday in Ohrid a Declaration on Macedonia's strategic goals.
The Declaration expresses the political will and strong determination of Macedonia for full integration to the European Union and NATO.
The text of this document will be sent to Brussels and to the most important European and world capitals.
President Crvenkovski, in his statement after the signing of the Declaration, said that all participants at the meeting accepted the document, with which they unanimously supported the sovereignty, territorial integrity and multiethnic character of Macedonia.
The aim of the document, as Crvenkovski said, is to show the unity for the key political issues, before domestic and international public.
"We successfully enter in the final phase of Ohrid Agreement implementation. From the project post-conflict Macedonia, we are entering into European Macedonia. The significant factor for further stability of the country and for full implementation of the Framework Agreement in the decentralization part, is organizing a peaceful, fair and democratic local elections," Crvenkovski said.
The participants at the meeting also agreed to establish a council on a state level, which would follow and coordinate the processes of EU and NATO integration.
Among those who attended the meeting were the Prime Minister Hari Kostov, Radmila Sekerinska and Nikola Kjurciev from SDSM, Ali Ahmeti and Musa Xhaferi from DUI, Arben Xhaferi and Menduh Taci from the Democratic Party of Albanians, Nezdet Mustafa as a representative of political parties representing smaller ethnic communities, the US ambassador to Macedonia Lawrence Butler and the EU special representative to Macedonia Michael Sahlin. The VMRO-DPMNE leader Nikola Gruevski was invited but didn't participate at the meeting.
Macedonian Information Agency presents a draft-declaration on supporting Macedonia's strategic goals:
supporting the strategic goals
of the Republic of Macedonia
Emphasizing the inviolability of the state sovereignty, territorial integrity and unitary character, we oblige ourselves that the care for them will be our highest priority and commitment;
Reaffirming the solutions of the Framework Agreement as a necessary model for building and developing stable interethnic relations, coexistence and tolerance, we emphasize them as a fundamental prerequisites for peace, stability and democratic development of the Republic of Macedonia;
Considering the long-term strategic foreign policy priorities and interests of the Republic of Macedonia, based on the lasting commitment to sharing the European and Euro-Atlantic perspective, as a result of the wide political consensus and citizens' support, we reconfirm our readiness for full devotion and continuous contribution to the integration processes of the Republic of Macedonia.
Underlying the significance of the regional cooperation as a prerequisite for developing good-neighborly relations and building the region's lasting peace, stability and development, and considering the latest developments, we express our commitment and strong determination to further development of friendly and good-neighborly relations with the Republic of Greece, supporting it as a promoter of the European and Euro-Atlantic integration processes in the region.
Concluding that most of the Framework Agreement solutions, incorporated in the Constitution, have been already become part of the legislation and enforced, we affirm our active contribution to organizing peaceful, fair and democratic local elections, as one of the prerequisites for full realization of the decentralization process and transfer of the authorities from the central to local level;
Considering that creating of a climate of tolerance and dialogue is an obligation of all factors in a democratic society, we encourage and welcome the activities for joint coordination in implementing the rest of obligations, deriving from the Framework Agreement.