Macedonia is ready for entrance in NATO

The Government has recently passed the yearly National program for membership in NATO for the period 2004-2005. The minister of foreign affairs, Ilinka Mitreva, on the governmental session, has pointed out that Macedonia is approaching to new, very important phase of the entrance into Alliance. With this program, which is also beginning of the sixth cycle of the entrance in NATO, Macedonia is declaring that it is prepared and able to fulfill taken commitments. The Minister Mitreva has added that in the new plan for membership in NATO as experiences are used previous five documents and now the plan is upgraded with quality in the answers and the objectivity in the predictions.
The Minister of defense, Vlado Buckovski, for this year’s National program for membership in NATO, said that this is the best one and it is result of the coordinative work not only of the Ministry of defense and the Ministry of foreign affairs, but also of the entire Government. 
  Warning about the Referendum

The American ambassador in Macedonia, Lawrence Battler, during the daily work of ROS-ROT seminar in Ohrid, has pointed out that Macedonia will not become a part of NATO until 2010. The reason for that is unsuccessful implementation of the Ohrid agreement in the predicted term which is already passed. If the referendum succeeds, the Government will spend another year for the preparation of new law which means that the invitation for entrance in NATO in 2006 will be already closed. So, Macedonia must wait for the next round for enlargement in NATO in 2010. Battler has also added that everybody must be focused on the implementation of the Ohrid agreement especially on the decentralization and on the commitments for reform of the defense.
  London award for Janakioski

Dimitar Janakioski is living in London for quite some time and his occupation is photography for almost four years. This year, in hard competition in the “London Fashion Week” he has won the first price for the best photography, sponsored by NIKON. For his work he has used the newest models D2J, D1J. His rewarded photography already can be found on the web site: Currently he works in the new magazine “All Access”, which has moved its office from Paris in London. He is proud that he was the only Macedonian in this competition.
  Holy Cross Day

In honor of the Great Christian holyday Holy Cross Day, the bishop Stefan has blessed water and he cut the cake on the Millennium Cross in Skopje.
On that occasion, Zagorka Tnkovska was elected as godfather and she has found the little cross from the cake. On the same day Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church bishop Stefan has symbolically turned the lights of the first experimental windmill which began operating on the peak of the mountain Vodno near the Millennium Cross.
“Let God grant it many new power sources in the mountain Vodno and in all our places” - said the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.
He also has acclaimed the idea enthusiastically about the four windmills that are going to be put on that place which will provide electricity to the Millennium Cross and to the all biggest objects in Vodno.  

Decrease of the industrial production

According to the data of the official statistic, the production in August this year shows decreasing of 13 percents in spite of average production in 2003. The Government is explaining these data with excuse that in August are used yearly summers and in that period the production is always decreasing, which is also case with the world economy. The economical analytics, but also some governmental representatives have agreed that there is no place for optimism and with the August decrease all hopes are gone about the eventual increase of the gross home made products.


International literature collaboration

The respectable Serbian magazine of literature, art and culture “Bagdala” from Krusevas, in the newest edition, nimber 461 for July-September has published several pages for the Modern Macedonian literature. In the rubric “Literature collaboration”(“Knizevna sorabotka”) dedicated to the collaborators of the magazine “Contemporary times” (“Sovremenost”) , are represented with poetry Svetlana Hristova - Jocik, Naumce Radicevski and with prose Vasil Tocinovski, Ranko Mladenovski and Metodi Manev.
Metodi Manev is author of the selected creation of the representative authors.
Daniela Kostadinovik has made the translations from Macedonian to Serbian language. This new presentation of the Macedonian literature in the foreign is a result of the international reciprocal collaboration between the oldest Macedonian literature magazine “Contemporary times” (“Sovremenost”) with other relative magazines in the rubric “Priopstuvanje”. Macedonian magazine has represented the collaborators of the “Bagdala” in the second edition for this year. Beside this, the “Contemporary times”(“Sovremenost”) was represented on the pages of the magazine from Sophia “Puls” and the next presentation is in the “Sposobost” from Ljubljana.







Skopje, September 29 (MIA) - "The referendum on territorial organization in any case will slow down the country's Euro-Atlantic integration," spokesmen of EU, NATO and OSCE missions to Macedonia assessed.
According to EU spokesperson Sheena Thomson the referendum itself slows down the Euro-Atlantic integration, even if the citizens negatively reply to the referendum's question, because it postpones the issues for six months.
Thomson however does not consider that positive reply to the referendum's question means citizens give up the EU.
She pointed out that the new territorial organization has been given a long period in which frameworks the most appropriate solution was expected to find.
OSCE spokesman Maxim Filandrov informed that on Macedonian Government demand for monitoring referendum process, OSCE and ODIHR recommended establishment of monitoring mission which will carry out monitoring a month before the referendum.



Skopje, September 29 (MIA) - Aleksandar Gestakovski, Macedonian Minister of Local Self-Government, will participate at a two-day International Conference September 30 to October 1 in Oslo upon an invitation of Erna Solberg, Minister of Local Government and Regional Development of Norway.
Topic of the conference is "Strengthening local democracy and democratic participation in a changing world."
Conference is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, the Norwegian National Association of Local and Regional Authorities and the Council of Europe.
On the occasion of the Norwegian chairmanship of the Council of Europe's Committee of Ministers in 2004 (Nov-Dec), the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development will host an International Conference.
Norway wishes to strengthen the role of the Council of Europe in conflict prevention, in particular through measures to promote good governance and provide a framework that allows greater understanding across cultures and religions.
Minister Gestakovski will deliver an address and will refer to the concrete steps that the Republic of Macedonia is making on this plan with an accent to power decentralisation process and its implementation.