Support for the following referendum from the Diaspora

The Council of the Macedonian community from Melbourne and Victoria has called the Assembly and has brought the Resolution in which has vigorously condemned the acceptation of the Code of decentralization in Macedonia, on August, 19, 2004. The decentralization and the proclamation of Skopje for bilingual and Struga and Kičevo to become municipalities with Albanian majority are not in the spirit of the European principles for decentralization. On the contrary, that is violation of the democracy in Macedonia by the president Crvenkovski, prime-minister Kostov, Vlado Bučkovski and Ali Ahmeti. We are giving our full support to the united opposition, the World Macedonian Congress and to the Macedonian people for successful referendum. The Republic of Macedonia is the only peace of land that we have left and we mustn’t give it away by any cost, even more that it is our patrimony and native country gained by many victims in the wars from the past. If the referendum is not going to be conducted, that will mean that only in Macedonia the terrorism is awarded beside the fact that the entire world is fighting against it. The Ohrid Agreement was extorted by force, not by democratic way- all the above was concluded by the Council of the Macedonian community from Melbourne and Victoria.
  The referendum is dangerous, according to Ahmeti

According to the Ali Ahmeti, the leader of the Democratic Union for Integration, with fail conducted Ohrid Agreement, Macedonia will enter in dangerous phase and the successful referendum will bring civil war. Ahmeti, in the newspaper “Bota sot” from Prishtina, has pointed out that not fulfilled Ohrid Agreement will mean start from zero and all the chances to be integrative part of NATO and EU will be lost. All these means, that everything will turn into wrong direction, with heavy consequences for the country. But still he is an optimist and he believes that this crisis will be over come because Macedonia has already over come bigger crises from this one, in which the opposition and the Macedonian extremists are manipulating with the people in order to destabilized the country. Ahmeti believes that the parties in the Governmental coalition will succeed in proclamation of the so called referendum as failed, because this is the only way to stop the civil war in Macedonia. Obviously, for Mr. Ahmeti this democratic form of people’s voice is dangerous because he prefers “the voice of weapon”.
  The Greeks will leave OKTA?!

According to the Greek newspaper”Katimerini”, the border of the Greek petrochemical company “Helenik petroleum” has threatened the Macedonian Government that will close the oil refinery “OKTA” if the government will not provide settlement of loss because this company has lost the monopoly of the market which was guarantied with the contract of sale. The representatives of the Government are denying that they have received any kind of information from “Helenik petroleum”.
“The Macedonian Government has not received any announcement or request or any kind of official information from “Helenik petroleum”. We don’t know about this newspaper’s information and until now the Government was not informed “this was the statement given by Mirjana Kontevska, counselor for public relations in the prime-minister office.
  The traveling to EU will be more expensive

The Macedonian citizens, starting from this summer, will be paying more then 100 euros per person if they are traveling in the countries of the EU. This is the result of the new regulation which European Commission has prepared for the countries - members of the EU which are signatory countries of the so called Shengen agreement. During the process of getting visa, the policy of insurance must be shown. With this policy, Europe is asking for insurance’s payment for every spent day in the countries of EU. So, one exit from our country will cost 140 euros even before crossing the border. In this price is included the yearly visa which cost 35 euros and is providing multiply entrance in the countries of EU, and the rest of the money is for the insurance. In the near future, the European Commission is not planning any change of this regulation which change will provide abolition of visa requirements for Macedonian citizens. This is the result of the unchanged status of our country, seen by Brussels.

The American investments in Macedonia

The American company for mechanical controlling devices and for auto repair parts “Johnson control inc” is interested for investments in Macedonia. This company, in the part of manufacturing of the electro-mechanic control devices, is represented as one of the biggest world bidders of control systems, services and equipments for education, health and telecommunication sector. In the part of the manufacturing of the auto repair parts “Johnson control inc” is world Leader Company for auto internal systems. According to the anonymous governmental sources, the link with this American company was accomplished by the businessman Risto Gušterov who has recently announced that he will bring big company in Macedonia which can buy half of the companies in our country.


 Soft drinks with low quality

The market inspection has confirmed that the soft drinks of six Macedonian firms are not suitable to the regulations for quality of the food products. The inspectors have placed a ban on the sell of products with higher level of additives than permitted one. The spokesman of the Ministry of economy, Goce Pačemski, said that there is no certainty that these soft drinks are dangerous for health. According to him, the market inspection has inspected only the declarations and how much the ingredients are suitable to the regulations for quality of the soft drinks and to the regulations for quality of the additives of the food products. The control was made in eight Macedonian companies in Skopje, Kavadarci, Štip, Kočani and Vinica.







Justice Minister Ixhet Memeti, who coordinates the Crisis Body established after the plane crash in February in which President Boris Trajkovski and eight members of the Macedonian delegation were killed, handed over the complete documentation on the accident to the relatives of the tragically killed.
Zoran Jolevski, former Head of the Cabinet of President Trajkovski said, "after the families will examine the report, they could address to Justice Ministry if they have any additional questions".
According to Jolevski the report is extensive and consists of 260 pages.


Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski met Wednesday with the Croatian Minister for European Integration, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic.
At the meeting, President Crvenkovski congratulated Grabar Kitarovic on Croatia's success in the process of Euro-integration, expressing hope that Macedonia would soon join that process after filling out the questionnaire from the European Commission.
Having in mind the good cooperation between Macedonia and Croatia, Minister Grabar Kitarovic stated that both countries will intensify it in the process of European integration, adding that the most difficult process in the preparation of the answers is coordination of positions among the ministries and other state institutions on certain issues, which have multi-sectorial dimension. According to the Croatian experience, the political criteria are unique for each country, and refer to current and internal issues, such as Croatia's cooperation with the Hague Tribunal.
Grabar-Kitarovic stated that in the responses of the questionnaire, there is a "hidden danger" in the incoordination of statistical data and numbers from different ministries and state institutions. According to her, Croatia's experience in this field can be of great use for Macedonia.
The Croatian Minister stressed that Croatia had ambitious plans and goals, so that it is ready for full-fledged EU membership in 2007. "This is the only way to animate the state in fulfilling the tasks from the action plan for Union membership", Grabar Kitarovic said.


The 43rd edition of Struga Poetry Evenings will be held in Skopje and Ohrid on August 25-29.
According to the decision of the manifestation Steering Board, this year's winner of award "Golden Wreath" of Struga Poetry Evenings is contemporary Portuguese poet Vasco Grasa Mura