Macedonia in EU trough the Main Office of enlargement

As the vice prime- minister Radmila Sekerinska has informed, Macedonia from now on will communicate trough the Main Office of enlargement because these is the anticipation for institutional changes in the European commission. According to her, the European Main office of external relations was obligated for Macedonia until now, but this change means conducted policy and prove for determination for enlargement of EU. She also said that Macedonia has asked from EU that from the Agreement for stabilization and association the accent should be put on the association and she added that for our country should be in charge the Main Office of enlargement of EU instead of the one for external relations. In the other hand, according to the diplomats of EU, the Republic of Macedonia is not in the plans for new enlargement of EU.


The report “Kinger” is in Macedonia

According to the statement of the deputy minister of justice, Tanja Altangieva, the report for the air plane accident in which were tragically lost the President Boris Trajkovski and eight members of the delegation, was delivered by the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Ministry of justice. Altangieva has explained that the Public Prosecutor must decide if there is any base for procedure. The Public Prosecutor Megida Kreso, had previously said that the investigation for this accident is closed and no one will be accused because the arguments for prosecution are not found. By the way, the report which was prepared by the Prosecution of Bosnia and Herzegovina is also delivered to the Ministry of internal matters, the Ministry of transport and relations and to the Public Prosecution. About the air plane accident of the President Trajkovski, as untypical case, there are many controversies, even that this might be assassination, which is also speculation of the President of the World Macedonian Congress, Todor Petrov.


Small number of the citizens’ response

The citizens of Skopje lead by the coordinate body of the Citizens’ association “Offer resistance- say NO” have left there phone bills in the building of Telecom together with the form in which they are asking for detail account. But, the response of the citizens was very small, approximately several hundred citizens. According to the Center for support of NGOs approximately the same number of the citizens gave response in Štip, Veles, Kičevo, Gostivar and Debar. In the other cities, the citizens’ response was even smaller because of the bad coordination of NGO activities. The deputy Managing Director of Telecom, Kote Lambovski, says that objections of citizens will be considered and the subscribers will be informed by phone or by mail as soon as possible. Macedonian Telecommunications are misusing the monopoly of the market in long period and the last increasing of the prices of the phone impulse has caused bigger discontent among the citizens.


“Alkaloid” and “Zegin” - in joined company

The Macedonian pharmacy giant “Alkaloid” and famous great pharmacy “Zegin” will form new joined company. This information was confirmed by the owner of Zegin, Blagoja Mehandžiski, and by the director of Alkaloid, Živko Mukaetov. According to these two front men of the above mentioned successful Macedonian firms, this uniting will provide new quality in working and bigger accessibility to the users-citizens who will be able to buy more qualitative and chipper products. Until now the details about co-relations of capital in the new company are not revealed. In these two firms will be consider all parameters which will provide independent revision. The motive of this joining is to become larger because this will provide bigger potentials of the companies and bigger position on the market. Also this is a phase in which there are all pharmacy companies in the world.


Gynecology clinic “Čair’ is open again

Ministry of health has given permission for opening of the Maternity home and of the Pediatrics department and to the Gynecology and Obstetrics’ Clinic “Čair”. The decision was made after suspension of the order for reduction of births in this hospital by the State Inspectorate of sanitary and health given on August, 5. That order for suspension was given to prevent the possible staphylococcal infection. The source of the infection is not totally defined because during the entrance of the future mothers they were not examined for “bug caring” and that for it was possible this infection to be brought from outside. In the notification from the Ministry of health there is explanation that from the first results of the examples which were taken from the babies with skin infection, the causer can not be defined. In the taken examples there was also present the bacteria staphylococcus aureus which was also found at some of the employees and some mothers.


The campaign is long continued

The campaign “Tandem” of Mobimak will continue in the following 30 days because there is big interest by the subscribers. This campaign offers 300 gratis SMS to the new subscribers of the “Tandem”. The carrier of the subscriber’s form can use 50% of the subscriptions price for talking and SMS and the other members- 0 denars subscription, lower prices of the mobile phones and 100 free SMS messages. This campaign has started on July, 15 and it was supposed to last until August, 15 but Mobimak has continued this campaign until September,15 because of the big interest of the subscribers.







The necessary census of 150,000 signatures for calling a referendum on preserving the existing territorial organization has been met, said Thursday the block of political parties, civic associations and individuals, which support the world Macedonian Congress initiative.

By yesterday, a total of 146,600 signatures were collected, so it is certain that the required number of 150,000 will be met today, Democratic Alliance leader Pavle Trajanov said.

"This is not a victory of any political party, but of Macedonia's citizens" Trajanov said.

At least 200,000 signatures were necessary to grant stronger support of the referendum initiative, Liberal Party leader Stojan Andov said.

The block expects a turnout of about million voters at the referendum, which according to law, should be scheduled in late October or early November.

Citizens may sign the referendum petition by Monday. If all legal conditions are met, a referendum should take place within 60 to 90 days after the Parliament gives its approval.


Athens is hosting the 28th Summer Olympic Games, which will be closed on August 29.

Macedonian Olympic team includes ten athletes, four judges and two young athletes as the country's representatives to the Olympic Youth Camp.

Members of the Macedonian team are: Mogamed Ibragimov and Shihamir Osmanov - wrestling; Vesna Stojanovska, Aleksandar Miladinovski, Zoran Lazarovski and Aleksandar Malenko - swimming; Aleksandra Vojnovska and Vane Stojanov - athletics; Divna Pesic - archery; Lazar Popovski - kayak slalom and judges Zoran Popovski - tennis; Ljupco Janev - wrestling, Dragan and Marjan Najcevski - handball. Tennis player Iva Velkova and wrestler Dejan Bogdanov are Macedonian representatives in the Olympic Youth Camp.