Precise term for NATO

The ministers of foreign affairs of Macedonia and Croatia, Ilinka Mitreva and Miomir Zuzul, are expecting to be given a precise term for membership of these two countries in NATO in the following Summit in Istanbul. On the question does Croatia will conduct visa regime when it becomes candidate for EU, the minister Zuzul has pointed out that getting closer to EU doesnt mean leaving the region and Croatia will continue with development of the regional corporation.


Consultations for ambassadors

The negotiations about fulfilling the empty places for Macedonian Ambassadors in Moscow, Canberra, Ottawa, New York, and Geneva are reviled after a break of one year in Ministry of foreign affairs. The minister Mitreva, has started with the preliminary consultations for sending five new diplomats in Macedonian missions. In these states there are no our ambassadors for long time and in this phase there are no returning of diplomats for replacement.


The gap between churches is engrossed

Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, the Archbishop Stefan has given statement that for proper dialog between Macedonian and Serbian Orthodox Churches must be provided proper conditions. That is the only way of bringing together both positions and of success in the dialog, but not from positions of privilege and position of rulers. He also added that the Serbian Orthodox Church has jeopardized the possible realization of the negotiation with its behavior and its decisions. Now the gap of separation is engrossed.

This road of nowhere must be left behind and we must return on the road of dialog after withdrawal of same decisions by Serbian Orthodox Church which have jeopardized this situation- says Archbishop Stefan.


The police specialists in Turkey

The minister of internal affairs, Siljan Avramovski, after the meeting with his Turkish college Abdulkadir Aksy, has pointed out that the police specialists from Macedonia will be trained in Turkey. And he added that these two countries will strengthen the exchange of information about the persons involved in drug trading.


More money for flooded regions

According to the Prime-minister Hari Kostov, who has visited the region of Strumica and Valandovo, anticipated money by the Government for covering the damage of the flood will not be enough for sure, so there must be provided more money. The Prime-minister has added that the damages will be bigger than the previous estimations because the conditions on the field are different than the knowledge of the Government about them.


The state is very strict with employers

The decision of the Ministry of labor and social policy is that the Law for Employment and Insurance in case of unemployment will protect those who dont have proper employment, but it will be very strict with employers which are escaping from obligations about their employees. The State Councilor of the Ministry, Stojan Trajanov, says that the employers will make contracts with unregistered employees in the Employment Agency, so in that way they will be obliged to pay contributions for health and invalid insurance.


Polemic about telecast of the Parliamentarian sessions

The proposition about turning off the telecast of the Parliamentarian sessions has initiated many polemics among parliamentarians of different parties. The opinion of the opposition is that the Governmental intention for turning off this telecast is a totalitarian measure and attempt to conduct a censure trough the public service which is financed by the public money. In the other hand, Jani Makraduli from SDSM has given statement that the direct telecasting should continue beside the fact that the Parliament will work more efficiency without this telecast.


The lawns have drunk the milk

Several hundred milk manufactures from different parts of Macedonia have spilt about fifty liters of milk over the lawns in front of the Parliament. They have threatened that they will block the borders passing during the Olympiad if the problem with ransom of milk is not going to be solved. The Minister of agriculture, Slavko Petrov, didnt give statement about this situation because he didnt have time.


The internally displaced Macedonians are still suffering

The Questionnaire Commission for protection of the civil rights has adopt the proposal-conclusions of the work group of the Commission of internally displaced people from Aracinovo and Lipkovo, who are suffering after the war in 2001. By the way, in these conclusions stands that the rights of internally displaced people, which are confirmed with the Constitution and with International Conventions for protection of human rights, especially the part for inviolability of homes, are still violated beside the improvement of the security in the country


Vilma Trajkovska has accepted the Governmental decision

The family of the tragically lost President Boris Trajkovski will receive building site with paid public utilities for building theirs family house. Beside that the family of Trajkovski will receive permanent monthly payment in amount as a Presidential wage, scholarship for both underage children for education in our or in foreign countries and one-handed money recompense for material damage. His wife Vilma Trajkovska has accepted this Governmental decision.


Demolition is continuing

The Urban Police has continued with demolition of the illegally build constructions, besides the accounts and the revolt of the citizens of Trpejca. Their activity is under strong police protection. According to the unofficial information, this activity of the building inspection for demolition of 49 illegal building constructions in Trpejca will finish at the end of this month.


Blocking of the telecommunications

Vlado Dimovski, the President of the NGO Parliament, says that Macedonian citizens are leaving their phone open, daily for two hours to express their revolt about the announcement for more expensive prices of the telecommunications services. More than 90 civil associations have joined in the action of this NGO with purpose to put pressure under the directors border with this every day blocking of telecommunications.


Macedonia is cradle of organic food

The future of Macedonia, seen by the experts for agriculture in Brussels is in production of organic food. The European Commission has adopted an action plan which goal is to encourage production and consummation of organic food in the following years. This plan refers to 25 countries-members and countries-candidates for membership. Macedonia is next on the list for the candidate status which is supposed to happen in 2005, so this plan of EU will refers to our country too.


Cytostatics for children on court

The parents of the children who are cancer patients will sue the Ministry of health and the other responsible institutions because there no cytostatics on the Clinic for children almost one month, says the President of the association Peperutka(Butterfly), Natasha Kotlar-Trajkovska.

The director of the Health Fund, Nikola Panovski, explained that the problem will be solved and the Fund will accept the fiscal accounts for returning of the money to the parents.


More education workers on the street

About 250 employees from the cinder gardens and institutions of culture will be fired as redundancies until the end of this month. The Trade Union of education, science and culture, during the negotiation with the proper ministry, was asking these fires to be postponed until signification of the collective agreements.


The Association of Pomaci is registered

The Bulgarian Authority is finally starting to make indulgence about the rights of Macedonian minority. It has registered the Association of Pomaci in Bulgaria for culture and Euro integration. The goal of this Association is to preserve the culture, traditions and costumes of the Pomac in Bulgaria, than protection and conformation of human and civil rights, stimulation of economic development in the mountain and semi mountain regions, protection of the natural resources, overcoming the psychological barrier of the submission and to raise the dignity of the meaning of Pomak. The headquarters of this Association is in the village Kocan, Municipality Satovca.





"There is a base for intensifying business activities and increasing the investments between Macedonia and Slovenia," Macedonian and Slovenian Prime Ministers Hari Kostov and Anton Rop concluded at the business forum on Friday in Skopje.

"The Government's role is to create the common business conditions, to intensify the cooperation between business subjects and to find solutions for possible problems in the frameworks of the legal regulations," Kostov said, ordering to Macedonian and Slovenian businessmen to intensify the previous contacts.

According to Rop, such meetings are an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences and to agree new projects and investments, which will result in export and import increase.

"We have made a lot of investments in the last year. Such trend continues, but we also expect foreign investments. I would mention the "Renault" investment of Euro 400 million," Rop said.

Macedonian Minister of Economy Stevco Jakimovski pointed out that the customs administration in the country functioned very well, but the corruption was an exception not a regulation and all foreign investments were welcomed.

The business forum in the frameworks of the visit of Slovenian high delegation led by PM Anton Rop includes many Macedonian and Slovenian businessmen.


Macedonian Foreign Minister Ilinka Mireva Thursday in Hague met Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation Agnes van Ardenne.

Van Ardenne pointed out that the Netherlands noticed improvement of the social, political and economic progress in Macedonia and would continue financially to support the country.

Mitreva expressed gratitude for the continual financial support of the Netherlands for balance of payments, macroeconomic stability and the development processes of Macedonia, adding that Macedonia is a stable country directed to the economic progress, and before all to find ways of attracting foreign investments.

Mitreva also visited the International Court of Justice in Hague.

She met the representatives of the clubs of Macedonian immigrants in the Netherlands.