Macedonia is placed among the best 20 reformers, namely between the 10-20 position in the World Bank Doing Business Report 2009. Between June of 2007 to the same month of 2008 Macedonia made a progress in the general list, jumping eight spots from 79 to 71.
The report studied regulations in 181 economies and their impact on doing business.
- The Republic of Macedonia's ranking is better in comparison to almost all of the countries in the region - Albania (86); Montenegro (90); Bosnia/Herzegovina (119) and Slovenia (54). We have entered the list of top 20 for the implemented reforms in the last 12 months, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said Wednesday at a press conference.
Macedonia has made progress in six out of 10 areas studied by the report: business start-up; dealing with construction permits; property registration; employing workers; getting credit; protecting investors; trading across borders; tax payment; contract enforcement and closing a business.
- As a result of the continuous reforms, progress has been verified this year in the areas: business start-up, property registration, getting credit, trading across borders, tax payment and contract enforcement. What is more important none of the reforms conducted this year in Macedonia have had unfavorable affect on the country's business climate, Gruevski said.
Macedonia holds the 27 place for tax payment, 12 - business start-up; - jumping six spots; 43 - getting credit - jumping eight spots.
- The World Bank Doing Business report is the most relevant and presents an independent source of information for the global expert, business public, Gruevski said, pointing out that it recognizes the success of Macedonia's reforms.
The report is rather significant in terms of improving Macedonia's image that will contribute to inflow of domestic, foreign investments, the Prime Minister said. It will be also favorable for the economic development and living standard, he added.
I expect better report on Macedonia next year, Gruevski said, pointing out that only for a two-year period Macedonia has jumped from the 96 to 71 place.

























New round of Macedonian - Greek name talks will be held Thursday in New York.
UN Special Envoy Matthew Nimetz is to meet with Macedonian and Greek negotiators, Nikola Dimitrov and Adamantios Vasilakis respectively. A joint meeting will be held, followed by separate meetings with the countries' negotiators. If asked, another joint meeting will be held on Friday.
So far, there is no official confirmation in regard to the announcements by the media in Athens and Skopje that mediator Nimetz will present new proposal.
Such possibilities have not been excluded both by President Branko Crvenkovski and PM Nikola Gruevski.
According to Crvenkovski, if a concrete proposal were tabled on Thursday, it would be analysed, followed by coordination and harmonization of Macedonia's position.
PM Gruevski expects that there maybe new ideas, proposals.
Top officials at late Tuesday's coordination meeting defined and reaffirmed the position of the Republic of Macedonia in light of the new round of Macedonian - Greek name talks, which will be held Thursday in New York. All aspects regarding this issue, which is of highest national interest, were reviewed at the meeting. The Republic of Macedonia will continue to actively participate in this process in which the highest priority is preserving the identity and dignity of the nation, top officials concluded.
Greek media again actualise the possibility of high-level meeting between two countries' foreign ministers Antonio Milososki and Dora Bakoyannis, which will be held by the end of Sept. in New York.
ERT state television reported that Bakoyannis on Wednesday informed President Karlos Papoulias on latest developments in regard to name row. Greek Foreign Ministry spokesman George Koumoutsakos stated that Athens did not expect much from Thursday's new round of talks in New York and there was no space of optimism due to unacceptable demands from Skopje.