Македонски организации низ светот

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Спортски клубови:
Македонска хокеј лига

Културни организации:
Обединета македонска организација од Канада

Македонски форум:

Ontario Trillium Foundation

MHRMI – Macedonian Human Rights Movement International

MYNET – Macedonian Youth Network | Youth auxiliary of various American-Canadian Macedonian Orthodox Churches

Macedonian Folk Songs

This non-profit website has a collection of around 1,000 traditional Macedonian folk songs. For most songs, there are lyrics in Macedonian, as well as translations into other languages, and several downloadable MP3s of different renditions of each particular song. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with traditional Macedonian music.


Australian Macedonian Human Rights Committee

Established in 1984, this Australian-based Macedonian rights organization advocates for Macedonians’ rights worldwide, especially for the Macedonian minorities in Greece, Bulgaria and Albania. The AMHRC, along with the MHRMI, publishes the MHR Review, which is published four times each year.


Pollitecon Publications

Pollitecon publishes books related to Macedonian issues, particularly regarding the Macedonians in northern Greece (Aegean Macedonia). In addition to books for sale, the website also has several free books, essays and other important Macedonian papers and documents.


The Macedonian Truth Forum

This online community offers a plethora of information relating to Macedonian history and the Macedonian Cause. In addition to the hundreds of documents and links you can find regarding Macedonian history, culture, and identity, this site offers a place for Macedonians to discuss relevant Macedonian issues. Join the conversation!


The Canadian Macedonian Historical Society

Founded in 1991, this non-profit works to provide people with “a true perspective of Macedonian history and culture.” Their website offers several resources that Macedonians will find useful in their quest to understand more about their identity.


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