Open letter to the Macedonian public



After the announcement of the text for the agreement everything is clear! The treacherous Government of Zaev, Dimitrov and Shekerinska has sold everything that was sacred to the Macedonian people! An Agreement which for sees the selling of the ancestral name Macedonia, a change to the Preamble, giving up on our brother and sister Macedonians in Aegean Macedonia, Pirin Macedonia, Mala Prespa, Pustec, Gora and Golo Brdo, It is not just a betrayal but molestation of our own people! Only freaks of the Macedonian people can place their signature on something like this! They are prepared to do everything! They are falsifying history, they will also try to falsify the will of the Macedonian people! For this kind of treacherous and cowardly agreement there is no need for a referendum! It is already rejected by the Macedonian people! We will not get rid of the betrayers with a referendum! For them there is only one solution! They must answer for their actions with criminal charges!




Dear brothers and sisters Macedonians,

Zaev, Dimitrov and Shekerinska hate and despise the fact that they are Macedonians from Macedonia. They would much rather prefer to be Greed or Bulgarian. Everything that is Macedonian and holly to Macedonians bothers them! In their heads and souls there doesn’t exist any patriotic feelings. There is only a greed for power and office. They are running from the Macedonian history. They want to erase the historic memories of the Macedonian suns and daughters who laid down their lives for their country. Their courage and heroism remind them of their cowardice and treason. In the name of the Macedonian Alliance and the whole of the Macedonian Diaspora I call for a general mobilization of the Macedonians of the world. The Macedonian people has been through many trying times in it’s history and has always survived. Our obligation now is to deal with this challenge. We will fight for the Macedonians that are yet to come! Macedonia has always been, and always will be Macedonia!




Georgija George Atanasoski



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