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In regards to yesterday’s announcement for the decision of electing Talat Djaferi for President of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia, capsule in the Official Gazette of RM, dosage with which his mandate became official, the president of the Macedonian Alliance, Gjorgjija George Atanasoski, directs the following written reaction:

The knot has slowly started to unravel! VMRO DPMNE and SDPM, as blamed in the past, have now legitimized themselves as accomplices in the politics of the Albanian factors for the humiliation and provocation of the Macedonian people.

The facts of the recent Macedonian history cannot be erased.

SDPM promoted Talat Djaferi as the deputy minister of defense in 2004 despite the fact that he, at that time, during the armed conflict immediately after the massacre at “Vejce”, defected from ARM to ONA, calling himself “Comander Forina” which invariably points to the presupposition that he had command responsibility for armed activities against members of the Macedonian security forces.

In 2013 VMRO DPMNE voted Talat Djaferi as minister of defense despite the heated reactions of the Macedonian public, which hadn’t forgotten that only Ljube Boshkovski and Johan Tarchuloski were sentenced for war crimes in Hag, while not one member of the terrorist organization ONA was brought before justice as responsible for the lives of the 75 Macedonian defenders that gave their lives in defense of their Homeland.

And that wasn’t enough either, so ten days ago, SDPM had to accept, and together with BDI, pushed to vote for  voted Talat Djaferi as President of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. At the same time, with yesterday’s announcement for the decision of the election of Talat Djaferi in the Official Gazette, VMRO DPMNE by the line of least resistance legitimized and accepted this latest humiliation of the Macedonian people.

Since yesterday, all the accusations of some kind of international plot or dark scenario against Macedonia, such as our map is being reshaped and our Homeland will be broken, fell through. When the two greatest Macedonian parties don’t know how to defend the dignity of its people, then no one from outside can be held accountable for us not knowing how to keep and defend Macedonia.

The basis for today’s humiliation of the Macedonian people lies, amongst other things, in the decision made forth in 2011, when the majority in the then composition of the Macedonian Parliament, because of political bargaining, voted for the amnesty of the so-called “Hag Cases”, with which they liberated the terrorists of ONA from responsibility. For this shameful act for all the involved politicians (the invoice (Fakturata)) will yet arrive. Macedonian brothers and sisters, who is at fault now, when the international community recognizes Talat Djaferi? Someone will answer for this!

To be precise, we don’t discount that in Macedonia there aren’t Albanians which with their biography and experience can, in a dignified way and in the common interest, perform this most important State function, but it is highly insolent and humiliating to accept the provocation and ultimatum, that Talat Djaferi be the President of the Parliament, who, on the first day of entering the cabinet and placing the Albanian flag, just confirmed that “the wolf” can change its fur, but not its character.

The Macedonian Alliance, in these trying and difficult times, sends messages of encouragement every day to its brothers and sisters from around the world. In this period of temptations and challenges we must act with dignity and keep our heads high!

In Macedonia there are still politicians that know how to work in the interests of their people, providing a stable future and achieving the strategic interests of our common Homeland.

God save Macedonia!

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ВИДЕО: Реакција за објавата на изборот на Т.Џафери во Службен весник на РМ




Gjorgjija George Atanasoski